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The Eves Club

                       Reclaiming Our Village

                              The Eve’s Club

It was a beautiful but brisk October evening. Cimone and I parked in front of a beautiful home in West Baltimore. You know one of those big beautiful homes with the wrap around porch with beautiful natural sceneries. My great Grandmother Keevie lived in this area, and as a child I would always admire these beautiful houses.  The nostalgia alone confirmed this was going to be a night of Black Women Excellence.

When we entered, we were greeted by a room of beautiful brown women, beautiful décor and a table set for queens. Fresh fruit, homemade cookies, chicken, vegetables and love.  I was happy that I brought Cimone, so she can learn the importance of fellowshipping with women and to learn how to love and give back when she grows older.  Children are what we teach.  And in this moment her lesson with “The Eve’s Club” I know will be one of the mommy and me memories she will cherish as my daughter.


After some introductions and the blessing of the food, little did I know how this conversation would impact my own aspect of life and the need for me to continue the work I do with our community and the need for me to spread this powerful groups message to others to do the work that God calls us to do.  In whatever magnitude, big or small, a little work individually and collectively will make impacts in not only our City of Baltimore but worldwide.  It is important to share the good news.  It is the responsible thing to do especially in the state of our City.  


The Eves of Evolution aka The Eves Club is composed of beautiful, influential Baltimore women of substance.  Gathering often for fellowship of food and laughter, the ladies often gather talk about the state of our City.  During the Freddie Gray riots, the ladies decided enough was enough.  The conversation led to the organic start with “Good Energy” to make a powerful and effective impact in the community.


This led to the evolution of The Eves Club which became an official corporation in May 2016.  The ladies wanted to get back to the basics. Community organization, fundraising, mentoring etc.  The ladies believed that by using their resources, this movement could bring about great change in our City.


During the “riots”, the ladies knew it was time to reflect because they were powerful together.  The ladies knew they needed to reintroduce the village back into the community. It starts with the children.  How could they use their resources to get to the children?  The ladies decided to pilot a workshop at a school that one of the husbands of the ladies was connected to. They knew they wanted to have their hand in producing Black excellence.  The ladies reached out to organizations to get ideas to help them move forward in their project.  From Financial, Social, Justice and Health the ladies were able to gain knowledge to help push these initiatives to reeducate the community.  When trying to enhance our community, they knew they have to touch the people, touch the grounds, grassroots.


With all of the collective information, the ladies introduced a 6 week work shop in a local middle school titled “The Queen Diaries”.   The program is similar to the Big Sister initiative by instilling values to the youth in what makes them Queens.  The ladies helped them to create vision boards, teaching them who they are historically.  The ladies believe that once they understood this dynamic, they would operate their lives in that manner.  Teaching them about the Madame CJ walkers and other Black Queens that impacted our society effectively and positively.  


The Eves Club believes in Each One Teach One.  Therefore the ladies want to build on their  mission by recruiting other established women of Color like themselves who have positive influences in the City.  The idea is not to get out, but to use what they have learned in their higher education, careers travel and to bring what they have learned out there and matriculate the information learned  to help a whole generation of Parentless People/youth that has lost their way.  


We are not only a service organization but we are a motivational and inspirational force as well. We want to inspire our community to work together as well as uplift us towards a forward thinking mobilization and cultural shift. As Eves a part of our mission is to bring the people with the problems and the people with the resources together. We are a kinetic think tank, donating our time, knowledge and resources to the betterment of our people and community.


This is the season of Thanksgiving and I want to Thank The Eves Club for all that they have done, are doing and will continue to do in our great City of Baltimore.  This is what COMMUNITY looks like.  Like the president Jill Pinkney said, we cannot leave and not return.  Our City is broken, it is our responsibility to help them heal. Collectively and one day at a time.

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Jill Pinkney- President

Adrienne Burgess- Vice President

Tracy Thompson- Treasurer

Niketta Adams- Sgt. at Arms

Aimee Ringgold- Founding Member

Micheye Speaks-Morris- Founding Member

Tanya Hall-Historian

Latonya Johnson- Historian

Reagan Wade- Co-Treasurer

Maria Hudson- Founding Member

Denise Wannamaker –Sgt. at Arms

Nicole Cox – Founding Member

Lashella Miller – Founding Member







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