About Nikia

Nikia K. Vaughan

Wife, Mother, Sickle Cell Advocate

Nikia K. Vaughan is a dedicated community leader in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition to the Communications Coordinator for Sickle Cell Disease at Johns Hopkins University her advocacy has led her to seek fulfilling  the needs of her community overall. Nikia has a passion for healthy living,  including, wellness, community and ending stigmas in the African- American community. 

Wife, mother and friend, Nikia desires to bring communities together in all things positive for the well being of all. 

Nikia has created partnerships in her community including but not limited to, local hospitals, wealth builders, small businesses, health enthusiasts and community based organization.  Her strong community sense has made differences in many lives. She hopes to continue to build strong relationships to help build stronger communities in health and wealth!

 "I can't do everyTHING, but I can do someTHING."

~ Nikia K. Vaughan


Living to inspire.